DrivenWoman is the brainchild of brand consultant and entrepreneur Miisa Mink and sports talent manager and Olympic sprinter Jennifer Stoute.

The question they want to solve is ‘Why don’t women believe in their abilities to build a life they want?’

Miisa and Jennifer believe women’s dreams often get buried under self-doubt and the pressures of everyday life. Women should fiercely protect their ambitions and dreams, and their time, in order to create a bigger life.

DrivenWoman is a community of women who dare to dream big and are willing to work hard. To make our dreams actually happen, tackling obstacles one at a time. We surround ourselves with passionate people and inspiring influences that can help us find the answers. At DrivenWoman we believe every woman is entitled to go after her dreams and create a bigger life, regardless of her circumstances.

Join us the conversation on the blog, or visit our website www.drivenwoman.co.uk.

We hope you will enjoy the blog!

Miisa & Jennifer

4 thoughts on “About

  1. My “AHA”-moment

    I had an interesting senior manager position on a big international corporate company, a lovely house in the picturesque spot in the English countryside, had a high flying, handsome husband etc. and I was happy (at least I thought I was). After my 40th birthday I started to feel ill, I kept waking up at middle of night having stomach problems. They kept getting worse and finally I went to see my GP. He signed me off for few weeks due to insomnia and gastric ulcers. Firstly I was blaming my boss, my work for the “burn out”. I went to see a homeopath/psychologist and my symptoms reduced, but I knew that I have to find out the real reason for my illness. I have never really believed on any medication, it’s only for a short time of the period and only to relief an acute pain. I had long sessions with my homeopath and talked to my closest friends, and things started to open up to me. I tried to talk to my husband but he did not really understand me or didn’t want to understand me. I was mentally feeling ill and my body created the physical symptoms to make me stop and think. I realize that I was not really happy… I wasn’t really living my own life; I was only pretending that this was what I wanted. I was living like I thought I should be and what my husband wanted it to be. It was a painful discovery but it was my “AHA” (“I have seen the lights!)-moment. I stopped blaming anybody else, and started to take a responsibility for my life. I gave up my full time job and started an own business and I started a serious training with my horse to aim to London Olympics! Which I have always dreamed about… I loved it, I felt first time for long time that I was really alive … and I realized that I am a life! At the end of the day I did not make the London Olympics and my business did not grow enough to bring me the money I needed for my living. I am now back in the Corporate, but this time by my own choice and still have a dream/aim to ride on the Olympics. I learned so much from this experience, met lovely people etc. I would not change any moment. I learned a lot from myself and other people and realized that the life really only starts when you take the responsibility for yourself and you decide what you do want from it. And there is never a destination, just the impulse to grow. I keep an open mind and whatever I may do in the future I give it my all. And age will be no barrier to ambition…

    • Thank you Djula! Not blaming others and taking full control of your own decisions is where life starts to change. Even if you are not doing different things, if you attitude to those activities and people around you have changed it can be remarkable. It is an important thought you have there on resources. We don’t always (or never) have ideal resources at our disposal but we can still make changes. I’m going to write about that in the next post so stay tuned. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I’ve been pondering my idea of a similar mission, only with middle school or older students working towards their future careers. Can’t wait to experience more of your blog!

    • Lovely to hear your feedback! Please stay tuned as we gather a bit more speed. We have also just set up our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/drivenwomannetwork) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/drivenwomannetw) for shorter updates. Thank you for follow :).

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