Condition yourself to achieve your goals


It’s been 13 days since the New Year began. Most of us made grand New Year’s resolutions, but how many of us can say we are still on course or have we set unrealistic goals? Only time will tell.

In last Monday’s post Miisa explained we need a bigger concept instead of uninspiring goals to achieve what we want this year. We should pick three words that summarise what themes we need to introduce to our everyday lives in order to improve.

My three words for 2014 are: Direct, Knowledge and Planning.

Unfortunately due to my sometimes over caring nature I generally try to cover the world with my comfort blanket of words. This often means I end up becoming overwhelmed with situations that could have been easily resolved. This year I want to be more direct in what I say and basically say it like it is. I will (a) stick to what has to be said and not what I think they want to hear. If I’m asked to do something, I will not over promise just to make them feel comfortable as I end up over stretching myself and won’t be able to achieve what I want to get done. (b) If I believe that my opinion counts then it should. It doesn’t have to be accepted but I should feel valued enough to voice it.

To improve my mind is such a key point for me! I will make it my priority to use my time to research and read, instead of just passing it on. I want to keep in touch with every day trends. How else can I become a success today, in the world that surrounds me now? I want to find the time to research information that will increase my growth and not shy away from what scares me. Instead let it empower me!

My life sometimes resembles a washing machine, every day tasks all wash up in one crazy muddle. I now understand the description of a dog chasing its tail, creating movement but not going anywhere. This year is PLAN PLAN PLAN and stick to the schedule I have set. Becoming more organised and creating constructive daily systems will also include my girls. I want to teach them to plan and to understand that mummy has a set plan too.

To keep me on track I will have these three words on my screen, struck in my car and on my desk at work. My background is in sports and as an athlete you are taught to condition your body to become successful. It’s all about repetition, repetition, repetition.

Now I am going to apply the same to life and condition my thoughts to create the desired action and results.

~ Jennifer

ps. Please share your three words for 2014 below! It would be so inspiring to hear what you are going to do.


7 thoughts on “Condition yourself to achieve your goals

  1. morning DW
    jen ur so honest! all r lives are sometimes like washing machines. It takes a lot of courage to admit that and also recognise there’s always room for improvement…
    these are mine and this week im focusing on having the courage to just be my brilliant self 😉

  2. My words:
    Nourish: concentrating on writing and reading and creativity, for those are things that make me bloom and make me feel balanced.
    Love: concentrating on people who I love and for being friendly to strangers as well – lately I have really realised how much a stranger’s friendly word can make difference.
    Wellbeing: sports and healthy food to keep me going strong.

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