5 steps to ideal life balance

Have you ever stopped to plan your life as a whole? Have you ever wrote down goals beyond your career ambitions or weekly to-do lists? Just think what could happen if you started planning and making conscious choices towards a fully rounded, happily balanced life with everything you ever wanted included! Impossible – you scream. No it isn’t. It’s your life, you make those choices!

We had a little bit of fun and designed our ideal life balance chart! You can agree or disagree – or design your own.

How do you want to live?

How do you want to live?

Do you get your ‘5 a day’? No, not the ‘fruit & veg’ but the areas you want to enjoy and to have filling your time!

How to obtain such a lovely scenario? We are by no means masters of this (yet), but we are on our way. We are consciously working towards a life which includes all the areas we want, not simply what is being pushed our way.

1) Accept that your life is shaped by your own choices, daily

Everything comes down to how we spend our time. Become more conscious of what you say ‘yes’ to and when you say ‘no’.

2) Make ‘me-time’ a priority

If you only worry about the wellbeing of others you end up hurting them in the long run. You must feed yourself first. Energised and happy person has much more to give to others than someone who’s burned out or victimised about the burden they have to carry.

3) Plan, make time and TAKE ACTION

Include all important areas of your life in your weekly planning. Schedule time for self-improvement, exercise and reading. And then DO IT. How are you going to change your reality if you don’t change your habits? You are what you do, not what you say you do.

4) Time = money

You have two types of resources: time and money. If you have lots of time, you can start generating money. Lots of money on the other hand creates financial freedom = freedom to do what you want with your time. To increase resources you must start ‘saving’ either money or time and invest it better than you have done in the past.

5) All this takes a lot of time and effort

It isn’t going to be a short or an easy path to ideal life balance, and the target may even change over time. It’s important not to have wrong expectations about quick wins or that to get there will be painless. It won’t. However, nothing should stop you from implementing elements of your ideal life balance immediately in small dosages and then improving the scenario as you move along.

Wishing you all well balanced week!

~ Miisa

2 thoughts on “5 steps to ideal life balance

  1. Had the opportunity to attend one meeting. ..was such an amazing session. .I need to continue attending. .it very positive and helps me to keep focus on my dream and goals. .not HOPE..

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