Monday Morning Motivation Boost: How to do something you don’t want to do?

What is the one big thing should achieve this week? Something that has to get done or else you are not really moving forward? Have you prioritised and picked one task which is more important than anything else? Something that will change your game or help you to take major step towards your goals? Are you shying away from the task you know would make a huge difference? Are you allocating your time to bits and pieces instead because that’s what you always do, and they keep you looking and feeling busy and important but don’t actually take you anywhere new?

Big and important things are often also uncomfortable things. This leads us to come up with all sorts of excuses and we start waiting for the right moment or inspiration to strike. You should never wait for an inspiration, as Picasso said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

This week try to focus on one big thing. If it feels difficult, try these eight tips to remove obstacles and do things you don’t really want to be doing.

1) Clear your mind from crap

If you wake up in the morning with a lot of stress and disturbing noise inside your mind you should try ‘morning diary’. Just write down everything that’s in your mind, yes every single thought – sensible or not – and this way empty the unnecessary and unhelpful crap from your mind. Try to get 3 to 4 hand written pages done. You can throw the sheets out afterwards. This is not the kind of diary you keep to share with your grandchildren one day!

2) Establish reason for avoidance

Establish the three top reasons why you are putting off what ever it is that you know you should really tackle this week. Write it down. Be honest with yourself. Often the reasons are to do with our comfort zone – perhaps should you be stepping out of yours? Or we don’t want to face difficult issues in our relationships with people we work with or our own family.

3) Don’t let your feelings push you around

I don’t want to do this now because I don’t feel like it.‘ To get things done and to succeed we must keep doing things regardless of how we feel.

4) Forget perfection

Remember that perfection is the greatest enemy of progress! What ever it is you should do this week, just make a start. Even a lousy effort is better than no effort at all. Get the ball rolling and then improve what you are doing.

5) Do it reluctantly

Accept the fact that you will go into the job reluctantly. We don’t have to enjoy everything we do all the time. I think the fact that everyone is so desperately chasing happiness these days has lead to an idea that we should be inspired and passionate about everything we do. Bin the thought! You never get to be passionate and live your purpose if you keep putting of something that has to be done.

6) Do it in small chunks

Some tasks can be divided into sub-sections. Chop yours into five chunks and do one per day this week. If you have to deal with relationship issues (at work or in personal life) this strategy doesn’t work, unfortunately. You just have to swallow the whole pill at once!

7) Root out doubt

Do you find yourself doubting if what you have to do is really necessary, or are you afraid you might be disappointed if the massive effort you are going to put into your work (or relationship) may not yield the desired result. Hmmm.. how will you ever find out? Can you take the risk not to try?

8) Imagine the worst case scenario

If you still find yourself putting things off or waiting for inspiration (or a better moment, better weather, better alignment of the stars…) try to imagine the worst that can happen if you keep postponing the inevitable and the necessary. To wait is to escape. To wait is to be a chicken. To wait is to loose. By putting things off you are delaying your own chance to grow and succeed.

Have a brave week and please do share your comments on what you have to tackle this week and how it’s going!

~ Miisa

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