Are you allergic to criticism?

No-one likes to hear anything negative said about them. We’d much rather bask in the endless sunshine of admiration and love. But criticism is absolutely vital for our development. A child that is shielded from criticism and boundaries will grow up insecure and will keep avoiding feedback or exposure for criticism and failure for the rest of her life.

The greatest mistake we make is to confuse criticism and love. To give criticism and feedback has nothing to do with not loving the person. in fact, the biggest gift you can give your loved ones sometimes is to help them grow.

We should not be afraid of criticism as it helps us to become a better person. By accepting criticism and being ready to evaluate yourself you can find a stronger foothold in this world.

~ Jennifer

5 thoughts on “Are you allergic to criticism?

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  2. I’m a little hypersensitive to criticism, always have been. But with good reason! When I’m criticized about something I deserve I totally own it and cheerfully shrug, apologize and acknowledge that it’s a problem and I fix it. But I find that most of the time I’m criticized about things because I or my action is misunderstood. I will never understand why people are so quick to find fault without even understanding what you’ve done. My sister used to say “don’t be so defensive” but most of those times it was because I’d get so frustrated and baffled because I was sensitive at having been found fault with when I’d done nothing wrong, and was trying to explain myself. i.e. people are VERY quick to transmutate your *reason* and label it your “excuse”, stealing away your worth in favor of their judgement. Objectively, I’ve found that men are far more likely than women, professionally, to react poorly to criticism (constructive or otherwise) by denying any mistake had been made at all.

  3. I know totally what you are talking about!

    I think if you look closely at those people (who criticise wrongly) you will find they are little bit narcissistic personalities, meaning if you don’t support their world view, they will find you at fault (no matter what). I know, I was married to one! He made me feel like I was at fault in so many instances that I can’t begin to count. Sometimes I thought I’d have to install cameras in the house to record our conversations so amazed I was now he was always able to turn any issue on me.

    I’m attaching a link here where I found a good comment: ‘One narcissist in particular avoids me like the plague because he knows that I do not ultimately plan my life around whether people like me or not. Hence my behavior cannot be controlled by him. ‘

    I don’t feel I get criticised wrongly anymore as I have shaken those people off around me and if there are still people with those traits, I simply ignore the comments and move on :). But when criticism is due, it should be taken in good big dosages and owned 🙂

  4. ive always enjoyed not giving a f**k what anyone else thinks. its sooo liberating, everyone should try it…it will enrich every part of your life as u learn to concentrate on ‘you’ rather then ‘them’

    • Thank you for your comment!

      I also thought I didn’t care, but still wanted to keep up appearance of success even though I was staying home with my kids for couple of years. Starting something from the scratch and exposing myself to failure (rather than holding on to the image of previous success) truly liberated me from caring.

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